for hotels and apartments 

Revenue management is very important and its correct or incorrect functioning can significantly affect the hotel's profits. I am able to set up and explain everything in detail. I will analyze and propose the optimal solution. The length of cooperation depends on you. I am inclined to both short-term project and long-term cooperation in the form of daily price monitoring.

Price analysis - comparison of own website,, (or other portals that have a high share in hotel sales), discounts and loyalty programs provided, clarity of the hotel offer, advantages of own website, etc...

SWOT analysis of the competition - selecting the right "competitive set" of the hotel, strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition, opportunities and threats posed by the evolving market, economy and competition.

a.) Small analysis - from freely available data

b.) Large analysis - also from internal data supplied by hotel management

c.) Crisis analysis

Creation of price lists for online sales, corporate clients, travel agents, agencies and package holiday calculations.

Result - creation of pricing strategy that will maximize profits and minimize costs (increase direct sales through own website for minimum commission, efficient use of hotel capacity in B2B and B2C sales).